Community Medicine Focus

Community Medicine is a highlight of our residency program. Our residents have found that their experiences with the community remain some of the most impactful moments in their educational journey. Community responsive healthcare and service to the community are important parts of patient care and resident education at All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program. Our award winning community medicine program is thriving and successful. A full-time community nurse allows our program to continue to grow. As part of your residency education you will have the opportunity to participate in existing community medicine programs throughout your three years with us, as well as have the opportunity to use your skills and interests to create new programs.

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Women's Health Focus


Maternity Care

All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program is well known for excellence in its approach to maternity care. We continuously evaluate and modify the curriculum to offer the best experience to our residents. St. Joseph’s is a nationally known center for obstetrics. It has a level 3 NICU and this busy facility delivers almost 2,500 babies per year. Our residents are a part of the maternity care team that puts them along side OB residents and collaboration with perinatologists, family medicine physicians, midwives and neonatologists. One day on call can have a resident delivering a healthy woman with no interventions, to caring for a pregnant woman on dialysis, to delivering twins.

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Sports Medicine Focus

Many of our residents have completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship. Let’s hear from one of our recent graduates, Berkin Ulgen, who went on to do a Sport’s Medicine fellowship at the University of South Carolina.

Sports medicine has become a popular and widely accepted sub-discipline within family practice. Additionally, twenty-five percent of visits to primary care physicians are for musculoskeletal problems. Recognizing the need for family physicians to be proficient in caring for physically active people and athletes, our program offers residents the opportunity to develop expanded knowledge and skills in sports medicine. All residents at the All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program will be exposed to sports medicine training and any additional experiences of interest. Residents who choose the sports medicine focus will receive a structured, advanced sports medicine training program in their last two years of residency.

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Integrated Health Care Focus


Integrated Care and Behavioral Health Care Services

All residents at the All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program have the opportunity to work as part of the integrated team partnering with our licensed psychologists.  Integrated Care is a vital component in patient-centered medical homes.  Many chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are aggravated by poor health habits.  Primary care providers need support and resources to screen and treat individuals with behavioral needs.  Integrated Care is the systematic coordination of general and behavioral healthcare.  This model allows for shared responsibility of patient care.  In addition, we are unique in that all clinic can provide these services to both adults and children.


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